Reimagine Digital Health with SwiftEHR

SwiftEHR allows physicians to provide improved patient care by giving them a wholesome 360-degree view of patient health. Knowing a patients’ complete medical history and tracking their admission records, checkups, abnormal symptoms, medicines prescribed enables physicians to communicate with them more intricately.

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Out-Patient Management

Quick patient registration and appointment scheduling. Reminder alerts to patients on appointments. Integration with Pharmacy, Lab and Scan modules for streamlined medication dispensing, ordering lab tests or scan investigations for outpatient visits. Identify trends or anomalies promptly through trend reports of vitals and test values. Comprehensive summary with plan of action and follow up visit scheduling.


SwiftEHR’s comprehensive billing facility aids you in streamlining and automating the billing process, which improves accuracy and reduces manual errors. Accessibility to view and download bills at various phases, such as Intermediate bill, Summary bill, Detailed bill during stay and at discharge. Track advance payments, refunds, and outstanding payments. Option to make partial payments. Supports multiple payment methods. Handling Insurance Patients, Patient Settlement & Insurance Claims. Discharge alerts, if discharge is done before bill closure.

Inpatient Management

Streamlined processes for admitting and discharging patients. Continuous monitoring of vitals, IO records and other relevant parameters. Doctors and nurses can easily access and contribute to a unified patient record, fostering seamless communication and collaboration in delivering care. Summary of consultations with specialists or other healthcare providers during the stay.  Comprehensive list of medications administered to the patient during the hospitalization, including dosage and frequency. Access to comprehensive medical histories and allergy information. List of medical procedures, lab and scan investigations done and other treatments the patient underwent during the hospital stay.

Pharmacy Management

SwiftEHR’s integrated Pharmacy module allows physicians to prescribe medications for the current encounter with easily searchable drug interface and keep track of past medications. Generate and send prescription requests to pharmacy. Efficient inventory management based on fast selling medicine, low stock alerts, minimum quantity level and re-order level. Recording and tracking of batch numbers for medications aids in traceability in case of recalls, quality issues or returns. Recording of complementary medicine purchase and returns. Plan your purchases and upcoming spend with our forecasting technology of the future. Manage your Suppliers and Purchase payments.  Manage Purchase and Sales Returns.  Suitable for both stand-alone and integrated pharmacies.

Lab Management 

SwiftEHR’s integrated Lab module allows physicians to prescribe lab tests, view as well as keep track of the lab results. Our integrated lab management system is designed to connect and collaborate with all your departments. Now get all the lab results swiftly at your table. Custom templates for result entry. Manage Inhouse & Outsource tests. Suitable for both stand-alone and integrated labs.

Room Management

Ensure optimal bed utilization, improving patient flow, and minimizing delays in the admission and transfer processes.  Efficient management of patient transfers between wards or units, ensuring continuity of care.

OT Management

Visual representation of the calendar, showing scheduled procedures and available time slots for scheduling and tracking of surgeries and medical procedures. Prevent double-bookings or resource overlaps. Block scheduling for regular or recurring procedures, optimizing the allocation of resources over time. Real-time updates on the status of ongoing surgeries and any changes to the schedule. 

Dashboards & Reports

SwiftEHR’s dashboard capabilities, allows you to have a bird’s eye view of hospitals’ day to day operations. Derive useful business insights through real-time reporting. Our extensive reporting tool can be tailored to your specific needs.  Export Reports in different file formats.


Optimize revenue cycle by monitoring insurance payments.

Store Management

Streamline inventory management and enhance operational efficiency. 


CT, MRI, X-Ray 

Lab Machines


Patient Portal

Access appointment details, test results, and medicines prescribed. 


Efficiently manage dental workflows from appointments to treatment plans. 

Track Continuous Patient Care

From Admission Through Recovery

 Schedule, re-schedule appointments & send reminders to patients.   

Monitor in-patient progress through progress notes, TPR Chart. 

View room and bed availability in a single click.

Capture of outpatient encounter details, including chief complaint and medical history.   

Integrated with Lab, Pharmacy & Scan for sending prescription requests, test orders and imaging.

Generate e-prescriptions and send prescription requests to pharmacy.   

Send Lab requests, track, upload and view results.

Comprehensive diagnostic & discharge summary. 

Follow-up recommendations for further tests, consultations, or ongoing treatments after discharge. 

Role-based access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel can access sensitive patient and hospital information. 

Reimagining Digital Health

A Comprehensive Healthcare Platform